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An affiliate of Miascor Holdings, Inc., we were founded in 1999 out of a joint business venture with Gate Gourmet and Malaysia Airlines. We are a major inflight catering service provider in the Philippines based at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.



  What we provide airlines
  • Special Halal expertise and facilities

  • All culinary and ethnic meal varieties

  • Special meal varieties

  • Dishwashing and sanitation

  • On board equipment preparation and setting

  • Bonded warehouse

  • Laundry and dry cleaning facilities


Our Facilities

  • World-Class facilities that can serve up to 6,000 meals/day in Manila and 4,000 meals/day in Clark

  • Independent water supply

  • 100% stand-by emergency power supply

  • Automated financial, inventory and operations systems
  • In-house microbiology laboratory
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) at the bonded warehouse facilities

  • Landside and Airside access
  • Patended GGI horseshoe workflow design
  • Refrigerated Catering Trucks


Business Partners

Our business partnership with two leading industry players have provided us with a global reach and product excellence unsurpassed in the Philippine inflight catering industry.


Gate Gourmet was founded in 1992 as a separate company through a merger of the Swissair company ICS International Catering Services and the catering operations of Swissair.

In 1998, it opened its catering facilities at the NAIA with MIASCOR as its major partner. After acquiring Dobbs this year, the company now operates 150 flight kitchens in 30 countries with approximately 30,000 staff.



Over the last 50 years, Malaysia Airlines has grown to become Southeast Asia's largest airline, and one of the world's premier international carriers. Its global network spans over 110 cities across 6 continents. It has been voted the "Best Asian Business Airline" by the international readers of Business Travel World magazine.

Malaysia Airlines also took 1st place honors in the prestigious 1997 World Business Class Survey - published by the UK agency, Inflight Research Services. This was the second time in recent years Malaysia Airlines has secured the top rating in this highly respected survey of more than 67 international airlines.



General Manager

Lars Fredrik Larsen

Miascor Catering/Gate Gourmet MNL



+ 632 8240456 Ext 222



Deputy General Manager


Domingo L. Escolar

Miascor Catering/Gate Gourmet MNL



+ 632 8240456 Ext 800





Production  Manager


Georges Egli

Miascor Catering/Gate Gourmet MNL



+632 8240456 Ext 700





Sales and Customer Service Manager


Jennifer Ramos

Miascor Catering/Gate Gourmet MNL



+ 632 8240456 Ext 230





24 Hour Duty Officer


Miascor Catering/Gate Gourmet MNL



+ 632 8240456 Ext 920 / 940


+ 63 2 824 0304 (hotline)





Miascor Catering Corporation
NAIA Catering City, West Service Road               
Osmena Highway, Merville Exit
Pasay City 1300  Philippines
Telephone: 0632-824-0456
Fax:  0632-824-0498